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A photograph of a dental skeletal prosthesis with ceramic crowns

Denture repairs in Billericay 

At Holly Court Denture Clinic, we provide a friendly service to all individuals, offering denture repairs, gym shields and dentures to all in Billericay, Essex.

Family-run business

Local business

Fully qualified

Dentures and repairs at competitive prices

At Holly Court Denture Clinic, we are committed to providing top quality services to our patients, ensuring that their dental needs are always met. We offer denture repairs suitable for those requiring a more comfortable and effective fit. Our team of experts go above and beyond to deliver the highest levels of care and satisfaction to our clients.

Close up of dentures and toothbrush

Offering denture repairs at our practice

Denture repairs are required when the denture breaks in the mouth, normally due to a poor fit, mouth shape change or even applying too much force due to tooth grinding.

At our practice, we can provide various denture repairs. Book a free no obligation quote with us today:


  • Repairing chipped false teeth

  • Fixing denture bases

  • Repairing tracks and or multiple denture fractures

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Trevor and would highly recommend his services to anyone.”
Google Review by Kris Chandler
“Absolute professional, knowledgeable understanding and so helpful. I honestly can’t rate Trevor highly enough”.
Google Review by Anne Giles

Call us to book an appointment now

Are you in need of your denture to be repaired? Book an appointment with us today and discover the difference we can make to your smile.

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